Trailer Parking and Car Toppers

  • Trailer Lots

    Trailer Lots A & C are only used for Head of the Fish, Saratoga Invitational, and NYS Scholastic State Championships.

    Other regattas (Tail of the Fish, NYS Collegiate Championships, etc) may only use Trailer Lot B.

    For the most up to date information, please refer to "Chase's Updates."

  • Arrival

    SRA does not have parking privileges for trailers on Friday before Tail of the Fish and NYS Collegiate Championships.  Trailers can arrive after 6pm and can ONLY park in the center of the State Boat Launch in Trailer Lot B (See Map Above).

    For Head of the Fish, Saratoga Invitational, and NYS Scholastic Championships, you may arrive on Friday afternoon, per the instructions sent out by the regatta director.  Regatta Director instructions can be found on "Chase's Updates."

  • Early Arrival

    If you arrive early, please park in the "Bus Drop Off Zone" (See Map) until an SRA official can park you.

  • State Boat Launch Trailer Parking

    Space will be tight.  Tow vehicles may park in the space along the chain-link fence between Lee's Park and the Boat Launch.  They will be close.  Teams on the Launch will get a limited space to operate out of.  It is doubtful you will want to use up the space with your truck.  Again, ONLY Tow Vehicles should be parking in this area.  Others will be towed.

  • Lee's Park Trailer Lot

    Your truck can stay with the trailer.  It has to be the actual Tow Vehicle though, not some dad with an SUV that says he is the coach. 

  • Car Toppers

    Those athletes bringing their singles via Car-Top will set up just past the Lee's Park opening/entrance on the front lawn.  Please leave this lawn neat when you leave.  You may rack your shell behind the Regatta Director's trailer.

tail of the fish  -  sept. 28, 2018
Fish Creek  -  Saratoga, NY