Course Maps for the Fall Season

Starting Area
  • Bow Numbers and Race Times

    Coxswain or Stroke Seat should have an accurate watch, know their bow number, and know their race times.  It's the athletes responsibility to be lined-up by bow number in the race lane, progressing towards the starting line as your race time gets closer.

  • Approaching the Bridge on the Warm Up

    As you go under the bridge, keep moving slowly and with caution.  Stay out of the race lane, progressing forward, and take no power-10s.

  • Getting Cued up for your race

    Continue moving towards the back of the line, looking at the boat numbers lined up in the race lane.  If you see numbers near yours, move to the left toward the buoys and listen for instructions from the Safety Marshall. Once the Safety Marshall has given you permission, safely turn into the race lane and line up in numerical order by bow number. 

  • Progressing towards the start

    Line-up in the Race Lane by sequential bow number, overlapping boats.  Keep moving towards the start, adjusting to stay in numeric order.

  • Going through the Start

    Listen for the instructions to build pressure as you pass the last Safety Marshall and approach the start.  There should be an 8 second gap between boats as you pass the starting line, which is marked by double orange buoys.  

  • Just before the Bridge

    Weeds are jutting out from the North Shore (starboard side) of the race course.  Don't get snagged.