Bus Parking

Bus Parking
  • Bus Passes

    When your team registers on Streamline Rowing, you'll have the option to purchase your bus pass.  Once the pass has been purchase, the pass will be emailed to the person who made the purchase.

  • Entering the Regatta Venue

    Buses enter the site through the traditional entrance. They will travel back to the old "back trailer lot" and around up to the ditch (where the porto potties are).  

  • Leaving the Regatta Site

    Busses can follow the road back out of the site.  Most buses choose not to stay as either they don't have the hours to be on-the-clock, or they hate they thought of getting their buses stuck, or worse, dirty. 

  • Staying at the Regatta Site

    Those busses staying at the Regatta Site may stay in the designated Bus Parking area.  Busses will need to have purchases a Bus Parking Pass prior to arrival.

head of the fish  -  oct. 27-28, 2018
Fish Creek  -  Saratoga, NY